The fully adjustable version of our NEQI masks, with nose wire and ear loops. Perfect for wearing glasses or doing sports.

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NEQI Teen & Kids masks will keep kids protected up to 98% micron filtering

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3Pack of our award winning face coverings re-useable face coverings. Designed with comfort in mind, and showing those around you that you care.

Breathable Material
Superior Comfort
Super Soft
3 Layers
Washable at 60C

The celebrity mask of choice. Worn by Rita Ora, Philipp Schofield, Anthony Hamilton, Zoe 'Zoella' Sugg and Rebecca Ferguson.

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NEQI Black Face Mask

Practical & Stylish

Our face coverings are designed with you - the wearer - in mind. We've created a mask that feels and looks great, while letting your community know that you care.

Neck Chains

Easy to take with you on the go. Our chains are a statement piece of jewellery that attach to your masks, allowing them to hang around your neck. No more losing your mask, and keeps it away from germs!

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Disposable Face Mask in the Ocean

The Problem with Disposables

Research found that if every person in the UK wore a disposable face mask, 121,000 tonnes of plastic waste would be generated in just one year.

It takes 450 years to break down a single disposable mask, 75% of these end up in our oceans. These littered masks leak toxins in to our environment that can damage ecosystems and wildlife.

Show that you care, for others and for the environment.

Buy our Re-useable Face Mask.

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